Space Shuttle Endeavor – Enroute to the California Science Center

Space Shuttle Endeavor - enroute to the California Science Center

A funny thing happened late one night in Los Angeles last October: a massive crew worked together to slowly move the Space Shuttle Endeavour to it’s final home at California Science Center. I was able to track it down on it’s path near South Central Los Angeles but it wasn’t easy.  Actually on the way […]

Legal Protection for Bloggers and other Content Creators

BloggerShield at New Media Expo

Are you a blogger or content creator who thinks you would never be a targeted with legal action for your words or posts? Think again. Takedown notices and legal threats are commonly made against even the smallest of bloggers. It’s wise to not only be familiar with laws and legal issues that might apply to […]

Why Nowster?

Tesla Coil and Ferris Wheel

Nowster covers emerging areas of technology & culture, tech-based products & services, cutting-edge technologies, hot areas of pop culture & the arts.


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