Legal Protection for Bloggers and other Content Creators

BloggerShield at New Media Expo

BloggerShield at New Media Expo

Are you a blogger or content creator who thinks you would never be a targeted with legal action for your words or posts? Think again. Takedown notices and legal threats are commonly made against even the smallest of bloggers. It's wise to not only be familiar with laws and legal issues that might apply to your content, but also consider what to do if you get into trouble.

At the New Media Expo I ran into two companies providing legal help and protection to bloggers and other content creators.  One is a free and reduced-fee legal service specializing in new media protection called New Media Rights. The other is an insurance company offering a new insurance product for bloggers called BloggerShield.

Legal Help for Content Creators for Free or Reduced Rates.

New Media Rights

New Media Rights provides free and reduced fee legal support for all variety of content creators who share content online. The group is based in San Diego California and operate out of The California Western School of Law.  They could provide help to anyone sharing content, including bloggers, video channels, podcasters, tech startups or even a nonprofits.  You can request legal assistance or get answers to your questions.

Insurance for Bloggers:


BloggerShield claims to be the first dedicated insurance product on the market designed to protect bloggers. Previously there was not a specific policy that provides bloggers coverage for things like copyright, libel, slander or defamation of character. Even worse, many states don’t consider bloggers to be journalists, so they don't get afforded some of the same legal protection through shield laws as journalists.

You might think that first amendment free speech laws will protect you, but unfortunately you may still have to defend yourself. And that can cost a lot of money.  And worse an aggressive corporation or a person who’s unhappy with a review that you posted can easily threaten to sue you if you don't take down.

They want to you remove something that's now generating traffic on your site. Your blog is becoming known – why back-down when you have every right to keep your content up there? You’ll need the help of an expensive intellectual property lawyer to help you defend against a take-down notice or a lawsuit.

With this insurance product you can get access to lawyers and you can buy coverage at various levels.  When you have a problem, the insurance company hires your attorney, who’s there to look at your situation and defend you even if you may have some potential liability.

The insurance product has a base premium starting at $250 per year and more for higher levels of protection.

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