Space Shuttle Endeavor – Enroute to the California Science Center

A funny thing happened late one night in Los Angeles last October: a massive crew worked together to slowly move the Space Shuttle Endeavour to it's final home at California Science Center. I was able to track it down on it's path near South Central Los Angeles but it wasn't easy.  Actually on the way back from a party in Long Beach, it seemed like it would be an easy task to find the shuttle as it moved painfully slowly to it's final resting place.  The move was way behind schedule and we encountered various detours – we nearly gave-up on finding the shuttle. Eventually we tracked down this monumental space vehicle to a neighborhood in the Crenshaw district.

Aside from the shear awesomeness of seeing this marvel of engineering up-close, it was also a moment of coming together, a moment of Los Angeles spontaneously connecting with a shared sense of awe. Thgere was a rare but tangible sense of community cutting across barriers of class and race that night.

As Endeavor moved slowly along a 12-mile stretch, utility workers cut tree-branches and removed utility poles. The Shuttle moved a snails pace of about 2-miles an hour, which is slow considering this same shuttle once circled the earth at 17,000 mph and orbited nearly 4,700 times.

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