6 Startups at Startup Debut 2013

It's fascinating to see all the innovative new products and services being launched by startups and established businesses alike. Startup Debut 2013 was a place to see a lot of great startups in one place.  Startup Debut helps launch startups and products during the week of the Consumer Electronics Show – CES – and other major conferences. I was there in Las Vegas to and compiled this roundup of some notable companies from the event.

WillHenshall CEO & JohnVitale, ChiefMusic Officer

Will Henshall CEO & John Vitale, Chief Music Officer will help you to focus.

Get Focused with focus@Will

Focus@Will turns music into a technology to help you focus on your work.  Let's face it, we're all becoming more and more distractible. ADD has become the norm and many of us naturally turn to music to help us focus.  But not all music is effective and that's where focus@Will brings science into the mix. With years of research on how people  focus, focus@Will designed a system of music creation that is optimized to increase attention.  This approach blends brain science with the art of music to help you maintain focus and push away distractions.   A free Beta product is available now. Having tried it for several hours at a stretch, I can confirm it helped me to maintain focus and I will continue to use it. http://www.focusatwill.com

Hunter Gray & Michel Bayan demo Atlas

Co-Founders Hunter Gray & Michel Bayan attract crowds as they demo Atlas

Get Productive with Atlas

There may be no shortage of personal productivity and scheduling tools out there on smart phones, but there are very few that get things right. Atlas excels at simplifying some of the pain-points such as negotiating multiple meeting times and arranging meetings with several people who use different calendaring systems and book times to meet with very little effort. Atlas also lets you organize task lists and assign individual tasks without revealing the whole list.

They are a Silicon Beach based company. (Note: I must profess some bias as I’ve worked these talented guys on some other projects.) http://getatlas.com

Tushar Ranka Lead Software Engineer & Architect for CHNL.it

Tushar Ranka, Lead Architect, CHNL.it

Browse Socially with CHNL

They call CHNL.it a "social content browser," which is an interesting way of saying it's more than the typical newsfeed reader.  It pulls feeds from across your social networks into a simple  interface with nice filtering options. You can filter by media type to view all videos across all of your social networks. The tool makes it easy to share and repost across your social channels. This would be a great tool for someone active in social media, content curation and/or blogging. It's also a good way to monitor what's happening in a particular industry or subject area. While they surfaced during Social medial week in the Fall, they are still a new and growing company based in the Silicon Beach area. http://CHNL.it

iPad under stream of water

iPad under stream of water

Take a Splash with Liquipel

With nearly one-in-five people accidentally dropping their smartphones into the toilet, there is a huge market for somebody who can keep a wet phone from dying. Not only does a quick dip in the water generally destroy a phone or tablet, water damage also voids nearly all warranties. Liquipel offers a unique solution: they seal your phone or tablet with a proprietary invisible nano-sized coating that makes all the internal parts water-resistant. That's right, not only is the outside sealed, but the inside is sealed as well. They use a unique material "to penetrate and coat both the external and internal components for complete device protection." The coating is 1000X thinner than a human hair, so it does not affect the look or feel of the device. While the coating is designed to protect against accidental exposure, it is not meant to make your devices water-proof and they advice against intentionally exposing devices to water (for example while swimming or surfing.  http://www.liquipel.com

Malcolm CasSelle explains Media Pass

Malcolm CasSelle explains Media Pass

Monetize Your Site with Media Pass

If you make your living by creating and publishing content online, you know how difficult it can be to make money from advertising or affiliate links alone. Mediapass provides a way for you to set-up your own customized paywall like the New York Times and other subscription sites. You can place content behind this paywall with just one line of code or a WordPress Plugin. Subscriptions can be setup as recurring payments as well, which means once somebody opts in, the money is likely to continue for a while, unless the person takes action to opt-out. While this solution won't work for all kinds of content, it could work nicely for premium niche content. http://mediapass.com/

3D printed ring

3D printed ring

Print it in 3D with Kraftwürx

Ever need to get a quick 3-D print of something but didn't know where to get it done? Kraftwürx offers 3-D printing on-demand service for companies or individuals who need quick prototypes as well as finished products. While prices for 3-D printers are falling, the better quality printers are still expensive.  Kraftwürx offers the option to print with 70 different materials, something you're not going to be able to do on a home 3-D printer either.  http://www.kraftwurx.com/

About Startup Debut

Startup Debut is a comprehensive and highly affordable organized media showcase where startups and established companies can showcase innovations to press and investors.  To that end, the event appears to be a huge success, with hundreds of media attending at Bali Hai Golf Course and Country Club on Sunday, Jan 6. Many of the startups hailed from the Los Angeles, Silicon Beach area. They do start debut events several times a year at key conferences.  If you're a startup needing to get attention with a limited budget, this seems like a good way to do ithttp://StartupDebut.com/

Disclosure: I happen to personally know and socialize with several of the people whose products or services are mentioned.  I have a material relationship with a few of them in that I have done some consulting work subcontracting.  But I believe the information presented above is fair, accurate and provides value to our readers.  - Steven 



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