Olloclip Lens Kit for iPhone with Macro, Wide Angle & Fisheye Lenses

Olloclip for iPhone

Olloclip Lens Kit for iPhone captures stunning photos and HD video using Macro, Wide Angle & Fisheye Lenses that clip onto your iPhone 4, 4s or 5. I’ve had the chance to use an Olloclip over the past few months.  As an avid photographer, I like to carry around decent cameras when I can. But in many […]

The Art of Stunt Marketing, Food & Television

Netflix "Arrested Development" Bluth's Original Banana Stand New York City Day 4 Times Square

A capella singing in the streets for Oreo cookies? Pop-up banana stands stands to promote TV shows? What’s going on here? Marketing stunts are nothing new, but as a cultural phenomena, the bar seems to be rising. And food seems to be combined with other creative elements. And why not? Food is one of the […]

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Jimmy Iovine & Dr. Dre: Academy for Arts, Technology & the Business of Innovation at USC

Music Industry Icons & Entrepreneurs Jimmy Iovine & Dr. Dre

A Music Mogul and a Rap Star walk into a University… Veteren music executive-entrepreneur, Jimmy Iovine, and star rapper-turned-entrepreneur, Dr. Dre, are together donating $70 million to the University of Southern California (USC) to launch an extraordinary and innovative inter-disciplinary program.   This donation will establish an undergraduate academy that combines music and arts, engineering, computer […]

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Chris Hadfield performs Bowie’s “Space Oddity” in Outer Space!

Commander Chris Hadfield performs David Bowie’s Space Oddity

Commander Chris Hadfield performed an amazing version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity in outer space, while on board the International Space Station. The song is accompanied by a most extraordinary video, which would be the most expensive music video of all time, if the cost of the space program were factored-in. At any rate, this has […]

The 3D Printing Revolution

Cubify 3D Printer

The Revolution May Not Be Televised The 3D revolution is coming but it may not be televised… at least not on a 3D television. The truly revolutionary 3D technology is not around 3D television – it’s around 3D printing. Eventually 3D printing will have as much or more impact on our daily lives as the […]

3+ Content Curation Sites

Rebel Mouse

The web is not just about telling your own stories, it’s about sharing the content of others in order to prove your expertise while while generating conversations and buzz around that content. If you run a business, you need to show that you know all the aspects from your industry. If you are a consultant, […]

6 Content Tools and Services for Bloggers


There are no shortage of tools and services for bloggers and content publishers. Here’s few notable offerings exhibited at New Media Expos (formerly BlogWorld): Overblog, a blogging platform that centralizes your social content; Readz, a magazine publishing platform for tablets, Manage WP, a dashboard for managing multiple WordPress sites; Markerly, a tool for tracking social sharing; Cemmerce, a tool that […]

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3 Tools/Services for Podcasting

Bossjock Studio for podcasting

I recently came across three companies offering tools or services for podcasting: Libsyn which provides podcast hosting and monetization, Bossjock Studio which provide software for producing podcasts and Blubrry which provides a plug-in to host your podcast on any WordPress site as well as hosting and statistics services.  I met these companies while at New […]

3+ Uses for Social Media Walls

Pulso Viral Twitter Wall

The line keeps blurring between live interaction and social media. When else but it this day and age is it not only appropriate to look down at your smartphone while socializing or listening to a speaker, it’s encouraged. The new rage – which isn’t all that new – is social media walls! A live stream of […]

Owl the Band, Live at the Roxy

Chris Wyse & Jason Achilles Mezilis, Owl Live at the Roxy

My friends in the band Owl were back in LA to mark the launch of a new album, The Right Thing on Overit Records. I caught them live at the Roxy in Hollywood on the night of their launch party. This is the second album from the trio headed by Chris Wyse, longtime base-player for alt-rock band, […]


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