3+ Uses for Social Media Walls

Twitter on the wall, Who has the most interesting tweets of all? You do!

The line keeps blurring between live interaction and social media. When else but it this day and age is it not only appropriate to look down at your smartphone while socializing or listening to a speaker, it's encouraged.

Pulso Viral Wall at SMCLA event at Cross Campus

Pulso Viral Wall at SMCLA event at Cross Campus

The new rage - which isn't all that new – is social media walls! A live stream of tweets – or in some cases Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, and Vine posts – flashes on a screen in almost real time. These social streams can be programmed through hashtags or customization. It’s great for encouraging interaction and community … plus, who doesn’t like seeing their posts shared?
Here are three places where you can use Social Media walls.

1. Events and Parties

What better way to increase brand recognition and have your guests play “find my update” than to have a large social media display at a large event. It’s also great for increasing interaction and visibility during panels and conferences. Try: Pulso Viral.

2. Trade Shows

Enhance your booth and encourage interaction by having a social media wall on your booth’s display screen. Perhaps more interesting and certainly less canned than a PowerPoint display, yes? Try: Social Wally.

3. Waiting Areas

Offices and Restaurants. Sure, there are plenty of companies with virtual offices. For those that are either brick and mortar stores, restaurants, or traditional offices, it is a nice way to encourage engagement while giving your guest something to look at besides their smartphone. Try: Screen Fuse.

+ Bonus Items

Embed a Social Media Wall on your website or blog. It can be a simple Tweet share or a multi-platform embedded link. Try: Twitter Fontana. [Editor's note: Twitter Fontana is cool if it works, but we tried their WordPress Plugin with the latest version of WordPress and it broke the blog... hopefully they're working on a fix.]

One of the earliest tools in this space is still useful, although less visually interesting, but it's good for tracking a realtime streams of tweets with color-coding for various hashtags. It can also be use for events. TryTwitter Fall.

Which is your favorite social media wall site? Why? And where do you use your twitter wall?

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