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Netflix "Arrested Development" Bluth's Original Banana Stand New York City Day 4 Times Square

Will Arnett, Jason Bateman Netflix "Arrested Development" Bluth's Original Banana Stand New York City Day 4 Times Square PHOTO by: Marion Curtis/StarPix

A capella singing in the streets for Oreo cookies? Pop-up banana stands stands to promote TV shows? What's going on here? Marketing stunts are nothing new, but as a cultural phenomena, the bar seems to be rising. And food seems to be combined with other creative elements. And why not? Food is one of the most immediately satisfying of the arts. We don't always think of food/marketing stunts as culture, and the two combined can create very effective impressions. Creative stunt marketing around food seems to be a growing trend.

I love food promos as much as - if not more than - the next consumer. Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's - which they do every April - is one of my favorite "holidays." Free Slurpees at 7-11 on July 11th. Don't even get me started on Free Birthday Foodie Deals... All of these are promoted the "new media" way - via websites, Facebook, and Twitter. And some promoted old school via signage.

Netflix Arrested Development - Red Carpet Premiere

Michael Cera & Alia Shawkat Netflix "Arrested Development" - Red Carpet Premiere (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images for Netflix)

With more technology - and more ennui - companies are kicking it up a few notches in order  to get more recognition for their event or brand. Arrested Development Bluth's Banana Stand: I did not start watching Arrested Development until recently. All the excitement for the new fourth season, premiering on Netflix May 26, really peeked my interest. Admittedly. I am the target market for these sorts of promotions. When I read they were doing a tour of Bluth's Banana Stand - the fictional family's company staple - in London, New York, and Los Angeles, I was over the moon at their brilliance. What better way to embrace the audience into this dysfunctional family fold then to bring to life the fictional family business with free frozen bananas and special appearances from the cast aka Bluth family members and friends. And judging from from the long lines and happy fans of the comedy - resurrected 7 years after cancellation - I'd say #ADWorldTour promo was a success. See more photos of the Bluth's Banana Stand promotions.

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