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Zuznow – Rachel Levkovich, Co-Founder and VP Business Development

Zuznow – Rachel Levkovich, Co-Founder and VP Business Development

Zuznow - Rachel Levkovich, Co-Founder and VP Business Development

Zuznow is a platform for mobile adaptation of complex websites. It's done with an automated process and a customization engine – they provide a quality user experience across all devices with a single codebase. They claim to be able to automatically convert even complex websites to mobile while maintaining user experience and commerce functionality. At the same time they expect a 90% cost savings over the cost and time for comparable solutions. Their approach focuses on the adapting the display of existing content by modifying just the CSS (style sheets) for each platform. They can adapt to mobile, tablets, smart TVs and PCs. You simply import your site into their engine, which automatically transforms the site to create an adapted version for each different viewing environment. There are tools to then further customize the results. The function either as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for smaller sites or as an enterprise deployment on-site.

Tomer Hason, Director of Technology and Operation, WalkMe

Tomer Hason, Director of Technology and Operation, WalkMe

Walkme - Tomer Hason, Director of Technology and Operations

Walkme solves the very common problem of teaching people how to use a website or even a complicated web-based service, with a step-by-step context-based interface. If you visit a Walkme powered site, you would pick a task that you want to learn. Once activated, a tip will appear on screen at each step of the way telling you what you need to do in real time. The tool is designed for website owners to create their own walk-throughs. It seems like a very intuitive way of adding contextual help for new users of sequential workflows. Clients include Adobe, Autodesk, Zillow and Live Person.

Hoozin – Arnon Joseph, Co-Founder and CEO

This company was founded by partners just out of Tel Aviv university engineering program. It consists of a platform for mobile social messaging that includes gaming elements as well. In this environment you can have a unified group space for your friends which has messaging and gaming in a single environment. Functions include, voting, scheduling, share media and play games. This is a solution to virtually hang-out with friend and play more than one game in the same environment.

Social ETA - Liron Sher, Co-Founder and CEO

Social ETA - Liron Sher, Co-Founder and CEO

Meetos with SocialETA - Liron Sher, Co-Founder and CEO

Time is precious resource and people are always stealing your time by being late to meetings. You're going to meet a friend or client and not only are they running late but they don’t give you a realistic estimate of your ETA. Powered by SocialETA, Meetos is a cross-platform, free mobile app that helps you set-up a meeting, get RSVPs and it tells you when you need to leave, based on actual traffic. You can get tracking information for the friend you're meeting based-on when your friend's location and traffic conditions. For privacy reason the system share only your friend's ETA, but never the exact location.

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