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Rainy Street Istanbul

Rainy Street Istanbul

My interest in both technology and the arts goes way back...

When I was growing up, my world was defined in large parts by my interest in both technology and the arts. They were always present like two connected parts of my world. I always wanted to be either a scientist, artist, photographer or a musician. I was equally at home with collecting rocks, examining insects and learning about technology as I was taking photographs, making art and playing guitar. I did not see any hard distinctions between arts and sciences in terms of their ability to stimulate my curiosity and trigger my muses. It was only later that I learned that from the perspective of discipline and process there were many differences.

The Appeal of Photography

The appeal of technical arts were always great for me. While I could discuss in-depth all the ways that I've been intrigued with both technology and culture, the easiest entry point for connecting the two is through my interest in photography – which inherently resides at the nexus between art and technology.

"Viewing the world though a camera you just tend to notice more detail, more color, more contrast and visual relationships. You in fact begin to see the world differently."

I was fascinated with photography, taking it seriously from about 6 years old. To kids growing up in the digital age, this may not seem unusual but it was actually quite early for kids in the pre-digital age.  This was still in the analog photo era, the time of film, light meters and dark rooms. Photography had a natural appeal to me and I was lucky enough to have access to 35mm cameras – first in the form of a Yashica rangefinder camera and later via an Olympus OM1, 35mm SLR.

But learning to take intentional photos rather than just snapshots was a slow and laborious process. As I experimented with composition, lighting and color, I was slowly learning by trial and error – and there were a lot of errors. In the early days, I lacked technical discipline or rigger... didn't really care about it. I instead relied on my instincts for capturing moments.

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