4K TVs: Cameras, Future & Specs Compared

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Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, starting at $3,995.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, starting at $3,995.

4K Cameras:

4k video cameras are already available from the likes of Red, Canon, Sony, JVC Black Magic with prices ranging from about $3,000 on up to 10s of thousands of dollars. While most consumers will not pay these kind of prices to shoot home movies, hobbyists and budding filmmakers are beginning to take the plunge.

Sharp 8K display at the Consumer Electronic Show

Sharp 8K display at the Consumer Electronic Show

The 8K UHD Future:

Down the line we will also see 8K UHD, containing 33.2 megapixels per frame. While this 8K prototype monitors were on display at CES, there are a long way from wide release. This screen sports 4 times more resolution than 4K and 8x to 20x the resolution of HD TV.  I saw Sharp's 85" 8K television at CES and I can verify, this is more vivid than any video I've ever seen before.   Expect to wait 5 or 10 years before these become widely available.

Comparing Specs:

HD Specs:

Television Resolutions  Chart: Standard Definition, HD, 4K & 8K.

8K Ultra HD Television Resolutions Chart: Standard Definition, HD, 4K & 8K.

Standard HD includes 720P (921,00 pixels per frame), 1080i ( 1,555,200 pixies per frame) and Full HD, 1080p (2,073,600 pixels per frame)

1080p - 1920×1080p: 2,073,600 pixels (~2.1 megapixels [Mpx]) per frame 1080i - typically either: 1920×1080i: 1,036,800 pixels (~1 Mpx) per field or 2,073,600 pixels (~2.1 Mpx) per frame 1440×1080i:[1] 777,600 pixels (~0.8 Mpx) per field or 1,555,200 pixels (~1.6 Mpx) per frame 720p - 1280×720p: 921,600 pixels (~0.9 Mpx) per frame

4K Specs:

Format Resolution Aspect Ratio Pixels
4K Ultra high definition television 3840 × 2160 1.78:1 8,294,400
Digital Cinema Initiatives 4k (native resolution) 4096 × 2160 1.90:1 8,847,360
DCI 4K (CinemaScope cropped) 4096 × 1714 2.39:1 7,020,544
DCI 4K (flat cropped) 3996 × 2160 1.85:1 8,631,360
Academy 4K (storage format) 3656 × 2664 1.37:1 9,739,584
Full aperture 4K (storage format) 4096 × 3112 1.32:1 12,746,752


At the Higher End: Mid Level: Entry Level:

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