Top 7 Ways Facebook Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Facebook LogoMost people associate being on Facebook with stolen hours and lack of productivity. For two years I actually deactivated my personal Facebook just to avoid the distractions and stay focused building my company.  I felt prompted to reactivate my account when my friend Kevin Winston, founder of Digital LA, said he wouldn’t send me the 100s of event photos and told me that I had to see them on Facebook. I’ve been happily surprised by just how much Facebook has aided in saving me money and time.

Most companies hire focus groups to get feedback on their products.  I asked my Facebook friends.  When designing my new logo my Facebook friends shared their input. My car insurance seemed high so I asked my Facebook friends what they were spending. Without Facebook I wouldn’t have discovered my new favorite blog Forty Days of Dating leading to writing up a social media case study. When my friends are in need of a job I look to Facebook. When others are looking to hire I look to Facebook. Here are 7 ways to save time in your business by turning to Facebook...

1 - Logo Design

The logo for my company SaveBusinessTime, didn’t represent the vibe I was trying to communicate so I first hired a designer on Fiverr, not knowing if I would really go through with a logo change. Fiverr has tons of people who do fantastic services from creating videos to graphic design for only 5 bucks. The person I hired sent me my new logo within a week. I uploaded the new one and the (then) current one to Facebook and asked for feedback.  Hands down, 32 comments later, the new logo won and I didn’t even need to hire a focus group.

save business time

If you’d like to try out a new logo here’s the person I hired:

2 - Lower Car Insurance

espree-auto-insMy monthly car insurance bill came as it always does, but it just seemed a bit high.  Commercials like AllStates’s “get money back” program aren’t as transparent as they seem.  AllState only gives money back in something like 3 OUT OF 50 states, but yet they still advertise the money saving program on California commercial ads, (a state that is ineligible).  Rather than subscribing to false marketing I asked my Facebook friends what companies they trusted. A majority recommended a company I had never heard of before, Wawanesa Insurance. That led to me saving almost $900 a year.


3 - Publicity Opportunities

Facebook is an incredible tool to drive awareness for a brand.  The trick is to get your product or company name in as many photos as possible. For instance at the Girls in Tech event, as you can see below, I was holding up a “Pivot” tank from the apparel line Modern Nerd. Now the 5,227 Facebook fans on the Girls in Tech page will be exposed to Modern Nerd apparel.

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