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4 - Job Opportunities

Business people default to LinkedIn for jobs, but Facebook is just as lucrative.  There are job specific groups where all they do is post quality job opportunities for people to apply.  If you’re looking for a job just search for your interest, whether it be social media jobs or developer jobs, there will probably be a group that can help you score a gig.


5 - Staffing

Rather than spending money on Monster or other job boards why not ask your network or, as mentioned above, post to job specific groups.

staffing referral

6 - Planning Events

It is hard to rally a whole bunch of people to go to an event. I wouldn’t suggest rely on the Facebook event creation features because no one really checks those anymore, but definitely utilize Facebook to tell people about your event. You can do this in private messages, via tagging their names in relevant posts and by sharing it on your main FB wall. This is how I discovered my friend Sean was putting together an epic 2008 LA Tech Reunion party.

tech party

7 - Exclusive networking groups

Lastly, what better way to accelerate your company’s success than surrounding yourself with like-minded people.  Here in Los Angeles we have a private Facebook group called “Silicon Beach” exclusively for startup tech entrepreneurs locally based.  Make sure you take a moment out of your day to search what groups may exist on Facebook in your industry.

silicon beach

Yes, Facebook can be a distraction and encourage ADD. It can also keep you indoors or glued to your phone rather than enjoying the moment. So the key is to manage how often we log into Facebook and limit how long we’ll stay online because if put it to good use Facebook can save us tons of time and money building and growing our brands.


espree-devoraEspree Devora is known as “the Girl who Gets it Done”. She has provided seminars in interactive content and social media to many corporations and universities including Georgetown MBA and USC Executive MBA. She started her first online company at the start of college and fell in love with the startup culture. Most recently she created SaveBusinessTime.com, a curated site of the best productivity software for save 40 hours a week. In addition to being an entrepreneur she is passionate about being a journalist for TechZulu, a media hub reporting on the growth of startups and innovations in technology. She can be found on Twitter at: @EspreeDevora

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